Clarke Family Reunion, Inc.

Treasurer's Report

August 8, 2004

Sharron Mathews, Treasurer, reported at the Family Business meeting of August 7, 2004, that funds were sufficient in the Family Reunion General Fund, to satisfy the total expenses incurred by the 2004 Reunion meal.


The General Fund is maintained at Wilson & Muir Bank & Trust Co. in Bardstown, KY. This fund consists solely of amounts donated by members of the Family and are available for Reunion expenses as needed. For the past two years, we have funded our Reunion meal solely from these donations, and have been able to avoid requesting funds from the Trust Account established at the People's Bank of Flemingsburg by champe Clarke

The General Fund showed a balance as of June 30, 2004 of $1,587.22. The meal charges for the 2004 Reunion were $1,163.60. We were given credit for a $500.00 deposit that Blue Licks Battlefield State Resort Park was holding from prior year, leaving us a balance due of $663.30. Sharron Mathews paid that amount in full on Sunday, august 8, 2004. Balance remaining in the General Fund before adding back amounts collected at the 2004 Reunion, is $923.62.

Total amount collected for the General Fund at the 2004 Reunion was $1,794.00. This brings the new balance in the General Fund to $2,717.62 as of August 8, 2004.


The Scholarship Fund is maintained at Wilson & Muir Bank & Trust Co. in Bardstown, KY. This fund consists of Family donations set aside to assist with educational expenses incurred by high school graduates as they go on to an accredited college or trade school. Funds are awarded annually to the winner(s) of an essay contest held each year. The Board of Directors judges those essays.

In 2004, we had no applicants for the Scholarship award.

The balance in the Scholarship Fund as of the June 30, 2004 was $477.05. Donations received at the 2004 Reunion totaled $47.00 making a total in the Scholarship Fund as of August 8, 2004 of $524.05


Funds collected at the 2004 Reunion for the Flower Fund were distributed between David R. Jones and Virginia Miller. David Jones was given a total of $63.00 and Virginia Miller was given a total of $52.00. David puts flowere at the Clarke-Lacy Cemetery each year on "Reunion Weekend", at the grave of Benjamin Clarke and the Memorial to Champe Clarke. Virginia Miller puts flowers at the grave of Champe Clarke each reunion Weekend in Elizaville, KY.


The Clarke Family Reunion Trust Account is maintained at the People's Bank of Flemingsburg, and was established by Champe Clarke. The Family has access to the income earned by the Trust account, which is to be used for Reunion expenses.

The Peoples Bank has reported income in that portion of the Trust of $2,057.05, and an account balance of $7,653.18. At this time, there is no need to request any portion of this balance for Reunion expenses.

Created: 8/20/2004 Updated: 8/20/2004