Clarke Family Reunion, Inc.


August 5, 2001

President David M. Clarke called the 77th Clarke Family Reunion, Inc. to order on August 5, 2001 at 1:05 PM at the Holiday Inn, Bardstown, KY.

The minutes of the 2000 Reunion were read and approved, with motion duly made and seconded.

As the first order of business, President Clarke brought the Family up to date on the condition of Brian Miller, who had been involved in a serious accident about this time last year. Brian is confined to a wheel chair, but has regained some movement and with the support of his family is coming along well.

President Clarke next announced that we have Clarke Family Cookbooks for sale again this year for $6.00 each and they can be purchased after the business meeting from Sharron or him.

Next it was announced that we had received two essays for the Scholarship competition; one from Brent Anderson of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and , one from Amelia Sams from Greenwood, Mississippi. Since neither was present at the Reunion, it was agreed that the $150.00 available in the Scholarship Fund be divided equally between them. Had one of them been presenat, that one would have been granted the entire amount. Future contestant winners will be awarded using these same guidelines. Past President Vicki Brown read Amelia's essay to the Family and Brent's essay was read by President Clarke. It was agreed that the Scholarship Fund should be continued and next year's topic will be "Why Should I Attend My Family Reunions?" A basket was passed for donations to next year's fund, with a total collected of $228.00.

It was next noted that several birthdays were being celebrated this weekend and birthday wishes were passed along to Allen Graves, Beth Bunner, Tammy Combs and Brandon Wright. Celebrating a birthday on this date was Shirley Clarke.

The status of the Flower Fund was next discussed and President Clarke asked the Family if it was their desire to see the continuation of flowers being placed at either Champ Clarke's grave or Benjamin Clarke's grave, or both. Jack Clarke pointed out that there is a memorial to Champ Clarke at Benjamin Clarke's gravesite and that by placing flowers there, we are honoring them both. After further discussion, it was agreed that the flowers should continue to be placed at these sites during the first week of each August and Virginia Miller and David Jones agreed to share the responsibility in seeing that this is done. It was also noted that Jack Clarke and Joe Clarke place flowers at William Pepper Clarke's grave on behalf of the Family each Memorial Day. A basket was passed for donations to the Flower Fund and those funds were turned over to Virginia Miller.

As the next order of business, President Clarke presented a financial report to the Family. For the past several years, we have spent anywhere from $500 to $2000 over and above our interest accrual from the Trust Fund. This year, we have gone over nearly $3000 and the Board feels that the time has come to ask for financial assistance from the Family members. It was proposed that a $20.00 Reservation Fee be submitted for each couple sending in a reservation. It that family needs more than one room, the fee submitted should be increased accordingly. This fee should be mailed in to Patrick Clarke, along with the reservation form. Checks should be made payable to the Clarke Family Reunion. Patrick will forward those checks to Sharron Mathews, who will deposit the funds into one of our checking accounts. After the Reunion, those funds will be paid directly to the hotel, with the deficiency being paid by the Trust Fund. No one will be denied attendance if they don't send in their $20.00 fee, but it is hoped that all will realize the importance of taking this step and will comply. Joe Clarke voiced his support by complimenting the Board for coming to this decision.

The Family was next informed that we have learned that anyone desiring to make a large donation to the Family Fund or a bequest in a will may do so. Those funds can be added to the portion of the Trust Fund that we can use for our Reunion expenses and will go far in allowing us to continue the types of Reunions we have been able to enjoy for the past several years.

With regard to Reunion reservations, it was noted that we continue to have a problem with some Family members making a reservation, but failing to cancel if they cannot be present at the Reunion. The Family still has to pay for those rooms and it is felt that the offenders should reimburse the Family for the amount charged. Sharron will send a bill to any offenders and their name(s) will be remporarily removed from the Newsletter/Reservations mailing list until that bill has been satisfied.

The site of the 2002 Reunion was next discussed and it was decided that we would return to Maysville next year. Numerous complaints were voiced about the service and reservation confusion at the Holiday Inn of Bardstown.

It was next announced that Laura Clarke has agreed to be our Reunion Site Coordinator and, any information and/or bids about future Reunion sites are to be forwarded to her. When getting information, one should ask for corporate rates, and we would need anywhere from 80 to 100 rooms to handle our size. Also, catering facilities must be available with a banquet room large enough for about 250 people. We try to keep room prices around $50 to $70 for a double room and about $16.00 - $17.00 for the meal provided by the Family. Laura would need any information by July 15, 2002 for Reunion Site suggestions for 2003.

Suggestion was next made, that the Newsletter be sent out earlier to allow more time for those people who have to make arrangements to fly to Kentucky. Sharron agreed to get the Newsletter out in December or January. Questionnaires will be mailed out in mid September.

Next recognized were the following:
Ron Clarke for having traveled the greatest distance to attend the Reunion
Brandon Scott Glomb was the youngest present at 13 months
David Smith Clarke was recognized both for the most Reunions attended and for being the oldest in attendance

The drawing for the afghan was next held and was won by Nancy Jo Clarke.

As a last order of business, the following officers and Directors were elected by acclamation:
David M. Clarke, President
Glenda M. Christian, Vice President
Laura Clarke, Secretary/Treasurer
Sharron Mathews, Director
Paula Chantana, Director

With no further business, the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by Sharron Jones Mathews, Secretary/Treasurer

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