Clarke Family Reunion, In.


August 5, 2000

The 76th Clarke Family Reunion, Inc. was called to order at 7:40 PM at the Holiday Inn, Bardstown, KY, by President David M. Clarke.

President Clarke opened the meeting by displaying a copy of the Clarke Family Cookbook, and informing the Family that copies could be purchased for a price of $6.00 each, following the business meeting. Also following the business meeting, the Family was informed that Matt and Kendra Glomb would be setting up a Pampered Chef open house, with a percentage of all sales being donated back to the Family. A check will be forwarded to the Board and funds may be used to offset Reunion expenses or as the Board deems appropriate.

President Clarke next informed the Family of a tragic accident occurring about 3 weeks ago, which left Brian Stephen Miller quadriplegic. Brian is the son of Debbie and Jack Miller, and has one son, Zack. Brian's family is having a benefit concert in September and tickets to that event are $10.00 each for anyone who would like to attend. Donations are also appreciated and can be made at any 5th/3rd Bank or Firstar Bank location.

On a happier note, President Clarke next announced that the winner of a $150.00 Scholarship was Allyson Stout for her essay entitled "What Family Means to Me". Allyson read her essay aloud at the meeting and David went on to inform the family that she would be attending the University of Kentucky in the fall. Allyson is a graduate of the Living Waters Christian School in Shelbyville, Kentucky. She is the daughter of Jodith Carolyn Price Stout and the granddaughter of the late James Richard Price. it was noted that applications for future scholarships will be opened up to include anyone who is seeking to further their education beyond the high school level, and not be limited only to graduating high school seniors.

With regard to funding the Scholarship Fund, a basket was passed around the room to collect donations for that purpose. Total amount collected was $114.50. Added to our existing Scholarship Fund, we now have a total in that account of $194.58. A second basket was also circulated, with the request that additional donations be made toward the Flower Fund. Amount collected for that purpose was $119.50, and those funds were to be turned over to Virginia Miller who will see that flowers are placed at the grave site of Champ Clarke and at the Clarke-Lacy Cemetery at appropriate times.

President Clarke next recognized Joe Clarke, who updated the Family on the web site, making a correction to the address published in the Newsletter. Joe also provided a bit of history for the family's enjoyment. It seems that Pat Chandler located a Last Will and Testament for Thomas Clarke, who died in 1856 at the approximate age of 61. When he died, he had a net worth of some $31,500; a sizable fortune for that day and time. Joe brought the Will to the Reunion for everyone to read.

Jack Clarke next informed the Family that he had been to the cemetery in Mayslick, and was pleased to find that it was in good shape. It had been mowed and trimmed, but Jack found it sad that no flowers were at the graves. He expressed his pleasure in seeing that the Flower Fund was reinstated to provide a manner in which the Family can pay its respects to our forefathers.

President Clarke next reported that Director Michael Clarke had made efforts to organize the sale of Family Reunion T-Shirts this year, but the number of orders received was not sufficient to justify an order at this time. Checks will be returned to those who placed orders this year.

As the next order of business, the itinerary for the 2001 Reunion was presented for consideration and vote. The floor was opened to anyone who had suggestions for any Reunion location other than Bardstown or Maysville. With no one forthcoming, President Clarke asked for a vote to decide whether the Family would hold the 2001 Reunion in Bardstown or Maysville. With vote of 46 to 26, the Family elected to return to Bardstown. It was also agreed that the Family Reunion meal and business meeting would by held on Sunday next year, with a "pay-for-your-own" buffet offered Saturday night. We will ask the Holiday Inn to include in their bid, a price for a light buffet on Saturday evening. It is hoped that the price can be held to $10.00/adult or less. Information and reservations for the buffet will be included in the 2001 Newsletter.

Election of officers and directors was next on the agenda. Nominated for officers were:

To fill the expiring directors' terms of Glenda Christian and Michael Clarke, Carolyn Whitt and Laura Clarke were nominated. Motion was duly made and seconded and all were elected by acclamation. Sharron Mathews was asked to send each Board member a notice of the time and place for next year's Board Meeting a couple of weeks before the meeting.

Next recognized were the following:

Drawing for the City of Bardstown afghan was next held and Marjorie Price was the lucky winner.

Family photographer, Mary Steinman, was next recognized and informed the Family that she is working on a Family Album, and requested that all children 18 or younger remain a few minutes after the business meeting to have a group picture made for the Album. Mary also asked for any pictures of past Reunions that might be added to the book.

It was next announced that, since our last Reunion, Lucy Clarke had passed away. Lucy was the widow of John W. Clarke, and was responsible for locating and leaving to the Family, William Pepper Clarke's Family Bible.

As the last order of business, the minutes of the 1999 Family business meeting were read and approved.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by
Sharron Jones Mathews,

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