83rd Annual Clarke Family Reunion Minutes 2007

President Landon Mathews called this meeting to order at approximately 6:40 p.m.

This year we are using name tags o that we will know who everyone is. They are located at the table in the center of the room.

The buffet is in the main dining room. It will be open until 9:00 p.m.

We want to say a special "thank you" to Sharron Mathews and Vicki Brown for pulling this year's reunion together with reservation forms and the meal. Michael Clarke took care of the reservations and Mary steinman helped tremendously too.

There was one applicant for the scholarship. Her name is Janell Miller and she is attending Western University. We will be sending her a check.

Moffet Clarke traveled the farthest this year. He drove from Indianapolis, Indiana which is around 130 miles.

Our youngest member present this year is Jenny Brooke Hardin. She is 10 months old and the granddaughter of Nancy Treadway. Our oldest member present this year is Marjorie Price. She is 88 years young.

We will finish the business meeting after dinner. President Mathews asked Brendan Mathews to say grace.

Nancy Treadway read the minutes from 2006. Sharron Mathews made the motion to acept these as read. Mary Steinman seconded this motion.

Our numbers have decreased again this year. We have approximately 50 people total in attendance

At preseant time we have $15,045.97 in People's Bank. We are doing well. Treasurer Glenda Christian received a letter from People's Bank in Flemingsburg requesting a fee increase of 7%. Glenda is in Honduras this year and Vicki Brown has stepped in for this meeting. We will not increase our fee. It will stay at 6%. We have $115,000 invested at People's Bank; $508.59 in our private checking account; $2,278.31 from a CD that will mature and $810.48 and $573.47 from two other CD,s A motion of accept this report was made by Penny Kau0fman and Sharron Mathews seconded.

Old/New Business

There are cookbooks available. Please see Sharron Mathews.

We discussed the condition of the Clarke-Lacy cemetery. We came to no conclusion. No one knew anything about it.

New Officers

Michael Clarke has been recommended for President. Mary Steinman has been recommended for Vice President. The floor is open to the family for more suggestions. Vickie Brown nominated Mary Steinman for President. It was discussed whether or not Michael Clarke wanted to service as President. Landon had an email from him stating that he would be President. There was a vote. The family voted unanimously for Mary Steinman to be President.

We need three (3) directors on the board. The nominees are:

    Cathy McCord - 18 votes
    Penny Kaufman - 21 votes
    Sherry Rames - 4 votes
    Vicki Brown - unanimous

Mary Steinman nominated Alysson Stout for Vice President. Sharron Mathews seconded this motion. The family voted and it was unanimous also.

At this point President Landon Mathews turned the floor to Mary Steinman.

Mary did a lot of research and looking into someplace new for our reunion. One of the options was Georgetown, Kentucky. She had details about what there was to do and go see along with the room charges. Option 2 was Bowling Green, Kentucky. Again she checked into all the details and reviewed them with the family. The 3rd option wdas Genearal Butler State Park. This option it was decided would be put on a back burner for another year when they have an inside facility available. There were a lot of people that said there was nothing to do at Blue Licks so this is the reason we have looked elsewhere.

Sharron Mathews recommended we take a vote. The family voted. Option 1 was Georgetown, Kentucky. 3 people voted in favor of this. Option 2 was Bowling Green, Kentucky. 27 people voted in favor for this. The third and final option wdas to stay at Blue Licks. 3 people voted in favor for this. For the 2008 Reunion we will meet in Bowling Green. More details to follow. Don't forget Bowling Green is 1 hour behind us.

There were fundraining ideas discussed to lower your room charge. Nothing was set in stone at this time. We will get back with the family about this.

A motion to adjourn this meeting wqs made by Alysson Stout. This motion ws seconded by Moffet Clarke.

The 83rd Reunion business meeting adjourned at approximately 8:30 p.m.