82nd Annual Clarke Family Reunion Minutes

August 5, 2006

President Landon Mathews called this meeting to order at approximately 6:00 P.M

At this time we have decided to stay at Blue Licks. All suggestions for other possibilities are welcome.

Nancy Treadway read the minutes from 2005. Sharron Mathews made the motion to accept these as read. Michael Clarke seconded this motion.

Our niumbers have decreased this year. We have 50 people total in attendance
The Clarke Cookbook is still available.

At present time we have $13,818.84 at People's Bank. We are doing well.

The newsletter will be distributed tonight and any donations for scholarship and flower fund can be given to Glenda Christian.

This year's scholarship was awarded to Marley Carrington-Maurer. She will attend the University of Cincinnati for fashion and design. Let's wish her well with her continued education.

At this time we will break and have dinner. We will resume after the evening meal. Brendan Mathews will say grace.

Old/New Business

The Lacy cemetery has not been mowed and it is all grown up. Joe Clarke visited there and it was a terrible mess.

Michael Clarke and David Clarke talked to Mr. Moreland. Last year they cut the grass.

The newsletter for next year will be done by Stephani Gifford.

We need new people to put flowers at the Lacy cemetery and at Benjamin Clarke's.

The motion was made by Sharron Mathews to discontinue the flower fund and to put the money in the scholarship fund. Glenda Christian seconded this motion.

We need 1 or 2 board members. Sharron Mathews has been nominated. If she decides she wants to, Vicki Brown will seip down. Mary Steinman will take Vicki's place. The motion was carried with the majority vote.

The oldest relative present at the reunion this year is David Jones. He is 81. The youngest relative present at the reunion this year is Gracie Paige Fryman. She is 13 months old. The farthest traveled: 130 miles North Dayton Ohio.
  • 1. Phil Clarke
  • 2. Henry Lacy Clarke III

  • Please update your address with Vicki Brown or Stephani Gifford.

    Joe Clarke will set up the computer for anyone who wishes to look at the family tree. We have this meeting room for the remainder of the night.

    David Jones made the motion to adjourn. Nancy Treadway seconded.
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