Minutes of the 1999 Clarke Family Reunion Business Meeting

The 75th annual meeting of the Clarke Family Reunion was called to order at 8:00 PM on Saturday, July 31, 1999, by President Vicki Brown, at the Ramada Inn of Maysville, Kentucky.

Minutes of the 1998 Family Business Meeting were read and it was asked that the age of the oldest family member in attendance, Marie Graves, be corrected to age 83. With motion by Michael Clarke, second by Glenda Christian, the minutes were approved as corrected.

As the first order of business, President Brown called upon Virginia Miller to report on the Flower Fund. Virginia relayed to the Reunion that flowers had been placed on Champ Clarke's grave on his birthday, July 23rd, at a cost of $35.00, and again for the Reunion weekend. Also, for the Reunion weekend, flowers were placed at the Clarke/Lacy Cemetery. Cost this weekend was $111.30. The balance in the Flower Fund is now just a little over $145.00. Virginia then informed the Family that the cemetery in Flemingsburg will not leave flowers on a grave for more than a day or so, because of interference with mowing and trimming. The flowers are thrown away and, for that reason, the Board of Directors requested the Family's consideration for using any balances in the Flower Fund, plus any new donations, to open an interest bearing account designated as a Scholarship Fund. Graduating Seniors seeking to further their education can make application to the Board for those funds. The application should include an essay which, this year, will be entitled, "What Family Means to Me". Applications should be mailed to Sharron Mathews, who will see that each Director receives a copy of each application. Directors will review the essays and based on the content will select the applicant they feel is most deserving. The recipient will be named at the 2000 Reunion. With motion by Sharron Matthews, second by Nancy Treadway, it was approved to set up the Scholarship Fund. It is noted that any donations specifically earmarked as "Flower Fund" money will be used for that purpose, either placing flowers at the Cemetery or at the Reunion in honor of Champ Clarke.

Next, Vice President David M. Clarke gave a brief synopsis of our financial status. In 1998 our expenditures were a little more than $900 over our interest income. We still have approximately $20,000 in an account that can be used for Reunion expenses. However, efforts need to continue to keep annual expenses within our annual income received, so that we don't have to spend from our available balances. Clarke Harvey was recognized and asked if it might be possible for Family Members to make contributions to the Trust to build up the corpus. Joe Clarke responded that it probably would be acceptable to do so, but it would be advisable to check with the Bank to find out how contributions should be handled. While Joe had the floor, he also gave a brief update on our Web site and shared with the Family its success. We have had many hits on the site and it has been instrumental in helping to locate some family members that we did not previously have on our mailing lists and directory.

Sharron Mathews was next recognized as she gave an update on the Family Cookbook project. During the previous year, several recipes were received, but most were sent in by only two or three individuals, and were not sufficient in number to make the publication of a cookbook cost effective. Sharron gave out her name and address and requested that more recipes be mailed in and she will continue working toward the publication of a Family Cookbook.

Next President Brown advised the Family that, if interested, we will try to make Reunion T-Shirts/Polo Shirts available for our 2000 Reunion. Several Family Members showed an interest, so Michael T. Clarke will get pricing information together and send to Sharron Mathews so order forms can be included in the January Newsletter Questionnaire Mailing.

As miscellaneous business, President Brown asked that Family members share Reunion pictures with the Family by ordering doubles of their Reunion snapshots. It was also determined that Patrick Clarke has the Family's slides, but we do not seem to have a projector for showing them. Appreciation was expressed to any Family member that would allow the use of a projector during the Reunion weekend so that those slides could be viewed by all.

As the next order of business, President Brown informed the Family of the Board's decision to hold next year's Reunion either at Maysville, Ky. or Bardstown, Ky. Jenny Deck made motion that the 2000 Reunion be held in Bardstown; second was made by David S. Clarke II. Motion carried by a vote of 51 to 41.

President Brown next recognized the following:
Bob and Eve Burns, who traveled the greatest distance to attend the Reunion, from Arizona.
Helen Clarke Harvey who was the oldest Family member in attendance at age 87.
Daniel Joseph Clarke II who was the youngest in attendance at age 6 1/2 months.

Election of Officers and Directors was the next order of business. Nominated for office were:

David M. Clarke - President
Glenda Christian - Vice President
Sharron Mathews - Secretary/Treasurer

With motion by Sarah Clark Hannah, second by Nancy Jo Clark, those nominated were elected by acclamation.

To fill the vacancies created by the expiring Directors terms of Sharron Mathews and Charles Graves, Landon Mathews and David S. Clarke II were nominated. With motion by Michael Clarke, second by Patrick Clarke, Landon and David were elected to serve 3 year terms as Directors.

Next the family sang Happy Birthday to Jessica Gaff as she celebrated her 9th birthday on July 31st. It was also recognized that Brandon Hudson Wright would be 2 years old on August 1st.

As a final order of business, Jessica Gaff drew the name of Cathy Cummings Miller to receive the afghan.

All those present were informed that the Family would have use of the Banquet Room for the rest of the evening for anyone wishing to remain there to play games or visit with one another.

With motion by Sharron Mathews, second by Matt Glomb, the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by
Sharron Mathews, Secretary/Treasurer

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